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“Last night I called 911 (the reason will possibly be discussed later, possibly not). The strange thing is that 911 was busy the first time...”
2 Comments | October 12, 2003

Movies X 2

“Matrix Revolutions. The Return of the King. Breathe Steven, breathe. Good lord, I can't wait. Revolutions trailers look fantastic, every part of the Matrix coming...”
3 Comments | September 24, 2003

The List

“California Institute of Technology University of Puget Sound Stanford University Skidmore College Pepperdine University Georgetown University Bentley College George Washington University That's right, get cracking....”
8 Comments | September 23, 2003


“CyberMonk writes about Underworld. He recommends you not see it. I'll agree, but for different reasons. I didn't think this movie was horrible: it was...”
6 Comments | September 21, 2003

School and Life

“School has begun. It has taken over my entire being. I have enrolled in an after school job, which I primarily got to use for...”
2 Comments | September 01, 2003


“Very depressing when you try to do a simple math problem and you can't even begin to figure it out. You have no clue what...”
1 Comments | August 16, 2003

Comcast Cable Internet -- The Suck

“It works. Sort of. But, it doesn't really work: it's the most unreliable thing ever. I call the guy, and explain that it works some...”
5 Comments | August 06, 2003

What I've Been Doing

“I recognize that I said I wouldn't be posting for two weeks. This would definitely be true, if not for the surprising fact that my...”
4 Comments | August 05, 2003

Final Trip of the Summer

“Going to Olympia. Will return in 2 week (ugh). It will be fun but I really can't get over how fast this summer has gone....”
2 Comments | July 30, 2003

Go Hang A Salami

“I'm a lasagna hog. Do geese see God? Senile Felines Was it a car or a cat I saw? Are we not drawn onward, we...”
2 Comments | July 28, 2003

Leaving for Vail, Colorado

“I will VERY likely not be posting for like a week. See you soon. Unless I post tomorrow morning, in which case see you then....”
4 Comments | July 12, 2003

Isreal: Are We Playing Fair?

“I was listening to my talk radio today, and they were talking about how when we are attacked by terrorists, the President said that we...”
6 Comments | June 11, 2003

Old People

“Mark Pilgrim writes about an interesting experience he had with 'Howard', the old man who lived above him. Don Park and Dave Winer think Mark...”
6 Comments | June 05, 2003

Prom & El Prom After Party

“Prom was last night. I got home at around 4:30 in the AM. I was tired. Maybe I'm still tired. The afterparty was at Celebration...”
0 Comments | May 30, 2003

Summer & the Cycle

“Summer is upon us, or me at least. Had my last exam, genetics, on Thursday, and I've just been hanging out ever since. I've played...”
8 Comments | May 25, 2003

The Stars Align

“Today, while playing Ikaruga, I achieved a play rank on the second level of "C++". While that is a fairly crappy score, it's the first...”
1 Comments | May 06, 2003

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